The latest Brazilian adventures of Gilles Peterson

In this episode of Boiler Room and Ballantine’s Stay True Brazil film series, Gilles Peterson meets the legendary Brazilian musician Marcos Valle to discuss the UK selector’s long standing love affair with the local sounds.
There is another link to an upcoming Brazilian project of Gilles called Tam Tam Re-Imagined, where he reinterprets some of the best Brazilian goodies ever with the help of the South London duo
LV. We had the pleasure to enjoy the show in London. Simply great!

Gilles Peterson x Marcos Valle:

Gilles Peterson Presents Tam Tam Tam Re-Imagined

The video is hidden on Youtube, but you can access to the performance through the Boiler Room web by clicking on the picture below (the picture is a “re-imaginated cover” of the original Tam Tam Tam album released by José Prates in 1958 made by the artist Hattie Stewart specially for this project of Gilles). 

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