Neon Finger, the new Label from Madrid


Great news are coming from our hometown. A new record label, Neon Finger, run by Freak and J. Pastor has just been born. It’s a sublabel of Go! Finger, but unlike them, Neon Finger is focused in diverse styles such as G-Funk, boogie, hip hop, electro-funk and even smooth jazz, prioritizing analog sounds. Read more…

With this introductory note it seems like they will refresh the musical scene of Madrid, focusing in genres that have not been much listened around in town, but that are a key part in the formation of the actual scene and much more recognized in other parts of the globe.

One of this parts is The Hague, in Holland, a city with a unique and eccentric electro and techno scene. We talk about this city because the first release of Neon Finger is an album produced by one of the main heroes of there, Dj Overdose: the LP named Techno Hop that will be available in May (review coming soon).

To start to promote the release, Mr Overdose has joined forces with Chupacabras (Go!Finger), an old resident of the legendary Nitsa (BCN), now based in Brooklyn, and both have delivered a minimix of 10 min full of electro funk and boogie sounds that represent the philosophy of this new record label.



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