W.I.M. MIXES 006 – Marc Schubert

Smooth and soulful mix made by Marc Schubert straight from Budapest. Enjoy this hour of diverse goodies at its finest…

We had a little chat with Marc about himself and his musical style:


W.I.M. : Marc, can you introduce yourself a bit?

M. S. : I’m in law school in Budapest and used to live near Frankfurt. I like black tea, videos of Japanese sushi chefs and Mr. Scruff’s 6 hour mixes.


How and where was the mix recorded? 

At home in my apartment, using two turntables and an analogue mixer.


Can you tell us about the idea behind the mix?

I like all sorts of soulful and original music; the records I selected are the kind of stuff I enjoy, music that gets me moving.


Do you have favourite spots for crate digging?

One is probably If Music in London. The shop is run by Jean-Claude Thompson, an incredibly nice guy with encyclopaedic knowledge of music. I spent hours sitting in front of the turntables as he kept pulling out record after record from the crates.


What are you up to next? 

Trying to spend more time studying than surfing Discogs.

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