Bilal live @ Babel, Malmö

We had the pleasure to assist to the inspiring unplugged concert of Bilal at the Babel club in Malmö. Read more…

Accompanied by two wonderful musicians, on the bass and the lead guitar, Bilal himself at the microphone was supporting on the rhythm guitar. The concert that certainly made all wishes of the crowd come true lasted more than hour and a half and ended with at least three encores that the three musicians delivered with as much enthusiasm as they performed during the whole session. Bilal presented a mixture between works of his anterior album, A Love Surreal (2013), and the new and exquisite In Another Life he released in June 2015.

With tracks such as Just Another Day, Love Child, Lost for Now or the fantastic Letter to Hermione that he presented as a tribute to Robert Glasper (it is actually a collaboration between the famous pianist Robert Glasper and Bilal), he surprised with his deeply soulish and emotional sound that goes straight to the soul of every listener. What is more, his voice counting with an impressive range invited to simply close the eyes and feel the transmission of his vibes. With his entertaining attitude he quickly got a good connection to the public – the venue was crowded – and did not fail to enlighten his concert with humoristic comments or some personal stories about himself or his musicians. 

All in all, a great concert. Even if we feared in the first place that the choice of playing unplugged would probably not totally meet our expectations, the three musicians managed to create a smooth atmosphere and the crowd was begging for more when they wanted to end.

If you have the chance to see Bilal live, don’t think twice. You will for sure never forget this soul experience…

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