W.I.M. MIXES 007 – Pontus A.

World is Music Mixes is back with a sweet edition coming from the Malmö based selector Pontus A. Enjoy this hour of goodies and soulful vibes, a perfect sound to end this beautiful summer.

We had a little chat with Pontus about himself, his influences and his selection… read more



W.I.M. : Hey Pontus, can you introduce yourself a bit? 

Pontus A.: Doctor by day, DJ by night. Just kidding (about that last part). I’m from Gothenburg but since med school I’ve been living in Lund and now for the past years in Malmö, Crime City. I recently got into sport climbing to challenge myself in that predictable soon-turning-30-crisis. 

Can you tell us something about your musical influences?

I’ve been into all kinds of music, used to be a metal head and glam rocker, but during med school I found some new cool friends (shoutout to Martin & Tove) that introduced me to electronic music and I’ve never looked back. First it was electro and electro house but that got boring and preditable after a year or two, since then it’s all a mix depending on my mood of disco, house and techno. 

How do you see the scene in Sweden? Which are your favorite local artists?

I like it here in Malmö, we got some awesome local heroes (Per Hammar, Josefin Hellström Hansson, Tegelbruk, to name a few) who are always killing it. Malmö has an established rave scene, but I’ve grown a little bit fed up with it at the moment. The general scene in Sweden is great, Studio Barnhus is probably my favourite local label and I’d like to point out that we booked Kornél Kovács for our Sydskånska nation club Krafverket 5 years ago, long before resident advisor mixes and international fame!

How and where was the mix recorded?

It was recorded with my friends Traktor controller and my laptop, in my very own living room on a friday night before the usual Far i Hatten shenanigans.

What was the idea behind the mix? 

I wanted to challenge myself a little bit and diverge from the usual pure house mixes that I’m comfortable with. I have my upcoming dissertation party where I feel that the crowd will be more appreciative of disco/funk so I wanted to become more adept in that genre. Also, when I record a mix I like to go on a little bit of a journey between genres because I sometimes get bored if I just play house all the way. 

Is there any musical project from your side?

Sadly no. I’m your average amateur doing some mixing in my living room, maybe having the courage to upload it onto soundcloud but I haven’t had a gig in three years since being a DJ at Sydskånska nation in Lund. But maybe this mix will change everything?

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