SinSal 2017: The remote festival on San Simon Island in Galicia



In this recent times, the majority of festival attenders are looking for massive stages where the artists are the most trendiest of the moment. It’s that thing of feeling part of the masses…
Yet there are still some promoters out there who are trying something different. And SinSal sol Estrella Galicia is one of those, indeed!

If you take the map and have a look at the Atlantic coast of Spain, you will find a harbour and fisher town called Vigo, in Galicia. But if you put a lens on it, you will see a small island named San Simon. And – voilà! That’s where the SinSal is taking place. This small island, that during the last millennium used to be a monastic retreat, a leper colony and a civil war prison during the Spanish Civil War, has now been converted into this marvellous and small event space with a capacity for over 800 people. It brings together history, Atlantic beauty and a mysterious line up that is certainly well curated in detail.
Why mysterious? The probably biggest singularity of SinSal is that no one except the curators knows the artists who are coming to the festival. Kind of crazy, right? Well, at the end this has become one of the mayor interests of the event, not only because the quality of the line up has been totally demonstrated.

To name just a few, the last years SinSal brought on stage the likes of Jose Gonzalez, The Paradise Bangkok Molan International Band, Dan Deacon, THEESatisfaction, Matias Aguayo, Alt-J, CocoRosie, Islam Chipsy & EEK, THEESatisfaction, Sons of Kemet, Juana Molina, Owen Pallet, etc…

All very diverse, eclectic and sometimes a bit risky – but not at all exempt of quality!


So if you combine the mysterious line up, the sustainability and recycling projects, the daily schedule (you get to the venue by boat during the day and come back to Vigo for the night) with the beauty of the island, you will have a shake of amazing ingredients that should make you consider to have this event on the radar.

For this year, the 3 day tickets and the daily tickets have already been sold out (and they only had popped up at the end of April!), however you still have the chance of getting a ticket for Friday and a collaboration ticket between SinSal and Milhoes de Festa, in Portugal, another eclectic festival happening just a few kilometres across the boarder of the neighbour Portugal. You can find these tickets here – and by the way, take a look at the nice web of the SinSal.

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