Schedule_BBK Live 2017 + favourite W.I.M. acts

The BBK Live 2017 is happening in less than two weeks and the festival timetable was finally released.

There are going to be five stages with music and artists for the taste of everyone. Concerts and Dj-sets will start at 17:00.

Below each day-schedule you’ll find our handpick of the favourite three acts of each day:



Depeche Mode: A true pleasure to catch them there! Not much can be added to these fathers of electronic rock, pioneers in the use of synths and samples.

The Black Madonna: A hurricane dj that melts all imaginable kinds of club-oriented genres, literally dropping fire onto the floor.

The Avalanches: A promising band with a very eclectic discurse, from psychedelic rock to trip hop to soundtracks and more in between…



Trentemoller: The danish artist is still up in the game with his very unique productions melting deep electronic beats with ambient and intimate atmospheres.

Jessy Lanza: Another eclectic musical approach. Pop synths , delightful voices and experimental live drums going from footwork to acid and unclassifiable mixtures.

Daphni: Very much looking forward to catch Caribou with his more electronic oriented alter-ego, it’s gonna be great!



Brian Wilson presents Pet Sounds: Very excited to hear this cult album from the creativity peak of The Beach Boys and especially Brian Wilson.

Who Made Who: Another danish band that has been on our scope for a long time. Very refined experimental pop-rock with some electronic and ambient additions.

Motor City Drum Ensemble: Even if we have experienced him already a couple of times, it’s always great to be able to dance to his raw disco & old school house selections.

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