Lisbon goes Jameson Urban Routes

jameson urban routes 2.jpg

Lisbon, certainly one of Southern Europe’s cultural centers, is in constant movement. This can be seen, for instance, by one of the festivals that the city hosts this week in the famous MusicBox. We are speaking about Jameson Urban Routes, an urban music festival established 7 years ago that seeks to bring many upcoming talents and already known ones on stage, from an alternative background and without limitations in their style of music.

This year the Line-up offers a great variety ranging from the mix of psychedelic rock and free jazz of Black Bombaim and Peter Brötzmann, the New Wave of the legendary Laid Back, the local Ghetto sounds of Nigga Fox, an approach to Funaná with a punk blend from Scuru Fitchadú, the futuristic jazz, hip hop and house of Lone, the garage rock of Black Lips, the synth pop from Austra or Surma, the dub and dubstep of Sherwood and Pinch or Tapes, and some proper clubbing artists that will make us dance until late into the night.


Don’t miss it if you are around, it is going to be great!
Here is the complete line-up and the link to get the tickets if you haven’t done it yet.jameson urban routes.jpg




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