Sines Fmm celebrates 20 years of musical adventures

We are in the middle of the summer and really excited to introduce you to one of the events of the year:            Sines FMM (Festival Músicas do Mundo) !

Many times trying to make it there but unfortunately other compromises kept us away from it… But this year, in the already 20th edition, we from World is Music will be in full presence to experience the joy of different musical traditions from all the world and to expand our musical horizons!

This festival, organised by the city council of Sines, is the biggest event of world music in Portugal and folkloric expressions of different societies. A true gem when it comes to speak about summer celebrations: 59 concerts from every continent and almost 2/3 of its program is for free, happening  in different streets of Porto Covo the first weekend and in Sines the next week.

For the rest of the concerts which will take place at the old castle of Sines prices are really affordable (max you will pay 50 for the 4 days of concerts).

There is also a camping with many sleeping options in the middle of the town or there is an alternative camping for free 15 min walking distance.

A whole week full of different flavours and scenes to bring a philosophy of togetherness through different traditions of the globe.



                                        An Introduction to the Artists of 2018

The FMM Sines 2018 journey begins in Portugal. From the host country, we will hear fado (Aldina Duarte),electronic experiments on traditional music (Live Low), a voice with links to South America (Susana Travassos) and three representatives of Lisbon from the African miscegenation (Fogo Fogo, Sara Tavares, Scúru Fitchádu). A Lisbon with connections to Cape Verde, archipelago that will bring to Sines a living legend (Bulimundo) and one of his greatest talents (Elida Almeida).

It will also be one of the richest editions in North African music, with musicians crossing the borders of the Maghreb (AMMAR 808, DuOud, Sofiane Saidi & Mazalda, ŸUMA), pass through the Sahara (Imarhan) and arrive in metropolitan Cairo (Maryam Saleh, Maurice Louca & Tamer Abu Ghazaleh’s Lekhfa).

From the eastern Mediterranean, FMM Sines receives an alternative pop voice from Lebanon (Yasmine Hamdan), a band of the troubled space of the Golan Heights – Syrian territory occupied by Israel (TootArd), two modern expressions of music originating in Turkey (BaBa ZuLa, Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek) and a fresh approach to the Cypriot musical legacy (Monsieur Doumani).

The roads through sub-Saharan Africa begin in Mali with a noble lineage guitarist (Vieux Farka Touré) and a classic African music cross with Cuban music (Maravillas de Mali, with participation of the guest Mory Kanté).  

We then advance to the fraternal music of Ghana (Guy One), the “tuku music” ambassador from Zimbabwe (Oliver Mtukudzi) and the orchard of traditional Mozambiquean music (Timbila Muzimba).

Africa in the diaspora will also be present, through modern transformations of ethio-jazz (Gili Yalo) and the Nubian return songs (Alsarah & The Nubatones).

From Brazil comes one of the strongest delegations the festival has ever received: two bands that are at the forefront of the new urban music attentive to the roots (BaianaSystem, Cordel do Fogo Encantado) and two songwriters with an exciting and incisive lyrical content (Karina Buhr, Tulipa Ruiz).

Still in South America, we cross the underground scene of Colombia (Cero39, The Leopard, Meridian Brothers) and make an incursion to his most genuine popular music (Carmelo Torres and Su Cumbia Sabanera). From neighboring Venezuela, we received an exponent of music for four (C4 Trio) and, from Jamaica, the Reggae Historical Group Inner Circle.

The US is featured on the show with musicians with a cosmopolitan vision based in New York (Barbez, Moon Hooch) and artists of the black scene coming from the deep North America (Robert Finley, The Como Mamas).

We return to Europe by entering the United Kingdom, to a group that opens jazz to hip hop and electronic patterns, creating a pure state of trance (Sons of Kemet), an electro swing duo (The Correspondents) and a trumpeter who transports the Arab heritage to contemporary jazz (Yazz Ahmed).

From continental Europe, three countries will have the opportunity to show on stage the diversity of their music: Hungary (Lajkó Félix, Meszecsinka), Poland (Kroke, Sutari) and Finland (Kimmo Pohjonen ‘Skin’,Pekko Käppi & amp; K: H: H: L).

Between Europe and Asia, we will listen to music collected in the villages of Belarus (Ethno-Trio Troitsa) and sonorities of the pastures of the Russian republic of Tuva (Huun-Huur-Tu).

As in our vision music is a space where encounters and meetings create new fusions, FMM Sines will also have the projects that cross aesthetics and geographies. In 2018, the audience will be able to dance to the sound of a group of Senegal mbalax formed by a German producer (Mark Ernestus’ Ndagga Rhythm Force), a fusion experiment between the rhythms of Cuba and Jamaica (Havana meets Kingston) and a collaboration of French musicians with a Pakistani singer (Markus & Shahzad).

Finally, we receive artists whose approach to music is universalistic and without precise geographical marking: a Parisian pianist with a taste for travel (Chassol), a experimental rock duo from Barcelona (Seward), a Spanish duo and a Slovenian trio of instrumental music (Bravo & Diaz Brigade, Širom) and a classic guitar duo that crosses flamenco and metal on the streets of Melbourne (Opal Ocean).

See the concert schedule for days, times and stages here.


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