Interview with Širom – Experimental & Emotional folk from Slovenia.

The first day of our arrival in Sines we had the pleasure of chatting with the members of Širom, Slovenian band formed by Samo Kutin, Iztok Koren and Ana Kravanja who honestly surprised us with extreme gratitude. They called their music as imaginary folk or folk from a parallel universe, and after experiencing their concert that’s what we would say too…

Their music can be observed from different perspectives, all truly unique and full of creativity.

Through their unclassifiable creations they managed to induce us to different emotional states like pure harmony, tension, darkness, meditation, trance and even other feelings that we can no really put into words.
You can also note that they manage to bring on scene a representation of different landscapes and elements of nature, either linked to their origins or to the combination of instruments found in their travels as well as created by themselves. Here we leave you with the words of Širom, fervently advising you to check their music. Your mind, body and soul will be thankful!

sirom2Wim: When did you start playing together? What is your musical background? 

Iztok: It was 4 years ago, in 2014, autumn. Very quick we got enough material for the first album, but that could happen because each of  us is into music since more than 20 years. Our background comes from post-rock, noise, experimental, free-improvisation…

Samo: First we started as an acoustic drone and trance project, but soon we discovered we didn’t want to have any boundaries or borders in our creations so now we are presenting this evolution in our sounds.

Ana: We (Ana and Samo) used to play a duo of kalimbas and then Iztok invited us to tour with his band. That’s when all started for Sirom and we decided to make something together.

Iztok: Anyway we know each others for more than 15 years because Samo used to organize a music festival in the mountains and i worked in D.I.Y. club in flatlands and there we started to connect.

We also collaborated in a social project with homeless people where we built instruments together, then we recorded some music with them and created a record.


WiM: How is the music scene in Slovenia at the moment?

Samo: There is some support from the state but we might say is not enough… But the main problem is that the music is really concentrated in Lubljana.Before, it used to go around also in other regions but now it seems a bit down.

Iztok: Anyways I think that’s a period but creativity will come again to other places in the country.

Ana: I can tell you that there is a big movement on improvised music, also connected with dance improvised music and visuals. There is a very interesting festival of improvisation and exchange of ideas called Improcon which brings a lot of new talents and energy to the scene. Musicians from different countries have a residence and play and exchange. You should definitely check it out!

WiM:How important is nature for you and your music?

Samo: well, really a lot, I guess. For the second album, we actually went to the places where we belong were born and spend our childhood and see how the 3 different landscapes influenced us in our creativity process.
Iztok: There is a documentary we recorded called Memoryscapes about that time.

Samo: So, Ana and me live a bit apart of the city and we had our garden and stuff… That’s why I can tell you that yes, nature is a huge inspiration.

Ana: For example, many people usually tell us that they see our music very linked with the element of water… It’s funny cause we don’t want to consciously link music with it, but it just happened.


WiM: Thinking about your background, when you used to play punk and noise you lived in cities. Now that your music is much more organic, would you relate that to the contact with nature?

Iztok: First, I would say that for me noise can be meditative, and post rock very emotional…as also our music, but somehow yes, it is true!
Ana: Basically, we keep on experimenting but with new instruments we created and we have found on our journey.

Sirom - Rada Kikelj Drašler foto
Širom – Rada Kikelj Drašler foto

WiM: Can you tell us something about the creation of the instruments? how did you get to this knowledge?

Ana: Making your own instrument is like making your own bread at home. it’s always better than in the shops

Samo: Some teaching, some tries by myself… it’s interesting that many times i have ideas of what i want to create but I ended up having something completely different… which is so much fun!

WiM: Nice! what’s next with you?

Samo:Our 3rd album is coming next year… we maybe will explore more our roots on music, maybe not… we maybe will search for a parallel story that we can connect. but all of this is still raw!
Iztok: What is important for us speaking about parallel stories is the artwork we use in our albums… there is this painter which we are connected called Marko Jakše.His paintings and titles of our songs and albums are like a continuation of our musical story.

Wim: Last question, why do you do music? is there a goal behind all this?

Samo: I think is in our nature…we just like a lot to do what we do. The main thing is not to get famous, which can be a nice thing, it´s more to elevate ourselves through music.

Ana: We have to do music, is in our inner self… you know, since I was seven i knew I wanted to play violin and I couldn’t leave it.

Iztok: It’s our personal mission!

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